Emily Bronte Quotes and Novels

Emily Bronte Quotes & Novels

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Emily Bronte Quotes & Novels

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Emily Bronte Quotes and Novels

About Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte is a renowned English novelist and poet, best known for her novel Wuthering Heights [Read Summary Here].

She was born on July 30th, 1818, in Thornton, England, the fifth of six children in a very close-knit family who had a great love for literature and wrote many poems together.

Emily’s short life was filled with tragedy and loss, but this is reflected in her writing.

Her work has had a lasting impact on literature, inspiring many authors throughout the years.

She died at the young age of 30, sadly passing away from tuberculosis. Despite her short life, she left behind an impressive collection of works that will be remembered for generations to come.

Emily Bronte’s legacy will forever be remembered as a pioneer of the Romantic Movement in literature and an early champion of female authors.

Her work continues to inspire readers today, with her words resonating for centuries.

Emily Bronte’s works remain timeless classics that can be enjoyed by readers from all walks of life. Wuthering Heights is widely considered her masterpiece and it has had an enduring impact on literature.

Her other works, such as Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall are also remembered for their unique take on social issues.

Emily Bronte is an inspirational author who should be remembered for her lasting contribution to the world of literature.

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Emily Bronte Quotes

Emily Bronte was a renowned British novelist and poet, best known for her classic novel Wuthering Heights. She is also well known for her inspiring quotes that have influenced many people throughout the years. Here are some of Emily Bronte’s most popular quotes:

“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.”

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

“If I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.”

Emily Bronte’s words have provided comfort and strength to many people over the years. Her quotes remind us that we all have a deep connection to each other, regardless of our differences. They also remind us to be kind and generous to those around us. In Bronte’s own words, “The heart of one is the heart of all.” We can learn a lot from Emily Bronte’s timeless wisdom and use her quotes to be better people.


Emily Bronte Novels

Emily Bronte is best known for her only novel, Wuthering Heights. It was published in 1847 and has since become a classic of English literature.

Her other works include two poetry collections, Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell (1846) and The Professor (1857). These works explore themes of love, death, and revenge.

Bronte’s writings have been praised for their vivid depictions of rural life in Yorkshire as well as their lyrical beauty.

She was a groundbreaking author who pushed the boundaries of literature with her daringly original writing style. Her works are still widely read today and continue to inspire new generations of readers.

Emily Bronte was an accomplished author whose work still resonates with readers today. Her works are a testament to her remarkable skill and imagination and will continue to captivate readers for generations to come.



Emily Bronte’s legacy continues to this day, with her works still inspiring readers across the world. Her unique style of writing and vivid descriptions have made Wuthering Heights one of the most beloved novels in literary history.

Themes such as love, revenge, and redemption are just a few topics that make Emily Bronte’s work so timeless. Whether you’re new to reading or an avid fan of classic literature, Emily Bronte is sure to captivate your imagination for years to come – something she has been doing since 1847!


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