Best Educational Documentaries For Students

Best Educational Documentaries For Students 2023 [PDF Included]

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Best Educational Documentaries For Students – Top 11 Revealed with PDF

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The article shares some of the best educational documentaries students must watch in this year. Let us check out the list below:

Best Educational Documentaries For Students


The Children of the Red Light District

The documentary is shot by Zana Briski, who is a photojournalist by profession. She aims to record the life experiences of Calcutta’s poorest neighborhood, the red light district. The documentary investigates the lives of prostitutes and their kids. Despite the low life quality, the documented videos perfectly reflect the happiness and innocence of children. Students will see her teaching the little kids how to handle the camera, which they love, and click a lot of good pictures.


Miss Olga’s School

The documentary revolves around the exceptional teaching efforts of Leticia and Olga Cossettini. The two school teachers are based in Argentina, Rosario. It showcases the experience and perspective of students who did classes with these teachers. They used the Escuela Serena teaching model. It comprises extensive training and education of kids beyond academic space. They wished to influence the students with their teaching in such a way that helps students to experience personal growth. Also, the model aims to teach students positive personal values to reside in society. 


Girl Rising: Educate Girls. Change The World

The audiovisual presents challenging experiences of 9 girls coming from different locations of the world. They highlighted labor and sexual exploitation cases, child marriage, violence of different forms, etc. The documentary narrates how they managed to escape from such dangers and their fight to have a better future ahead for themselves and their fellow sufferers. 

Their story allows students to understand the depth of such situations of injustice in the world. The docu-film aims to inspire viewers to come together with a project that fights for the right to education and social integration of girls worldwide. 


A Crime Called Education

The objective of the docu-film is to point out a wide range of aspects that the existing educational system can improve. The aspects and points discussed in the documentary are compiled by both students and teachers through their personal experiences. The basic message that A Crime Called Education wants to spread across is that the current educational framework would not work for a new generation of students and potentially become obsolete. It also talks about some root changes that need to be made for an overall better academic space. 


Against Educational Lag

By watching it, students can analyze the educational system of Mexico and the kinds of challenges that school-going students face there. It focuses on two big issues in the area: poor personal economic circumstances and lack of proper academic infrastructure. It also talks about available resources for public education and teachers’ poor training. 


Eye of water, a different look

“Learning is not an isolated aspect from simply living” is the theme of this documentary. It highlights an innovative and well-thought educational project based in Orba (Alicante). The project encourages learners to explore their interests and curiosity. It shows a journey of 15 years of an educational setting where people decide when and what to learn. Also, they get to choose how to utilize their time. 

The project aims to remove external pressure on students and build a relaxed educational environment. It allows people to discover themselves and learn about their deepest life motivations. Thus, learners do not follow a particular set of knowledge training; instead, each person gets to determine their own emotional, intellectual and social path. 


Finland’s Educational Success

Created and filmed by an American writer and documentary filmmaker named Michael Moore. He is recognized for his critical vision and progressive stance on globalization. Here, the filmmaker focuses on analyzing the fundamentals of Finnish education and compares them with the American education system. Further, he also uncovers the secret to doing remarkably well in the space of education, that is, students shouldn’t do homework. It shows Moore’s meeting experience with the Finnish Minister of Education and other industry leaders. The documentary also covers the professional and personal experiences of students and teachers. 


Ghada’s journey

The docu-film aims to spread awareness among children and the general public about migration issues via the journey of two refugee girls. The purpose is to make people understand that there are some kids who are badly suffering due to war situations. The collaboration of Ventin-Milladoiro’s primary teacher, Manuel Villar Paniagua, with fellow teachers, parents, and caretakers of students has made this documentary possible. 


The Good Lie

This is represented more as a movie than a docu-film. It shows the effects of real events on the refugee children and their hardships in adapting to the situation as they grow older. The docu-film focuses on a Sundanese children group who flee their country during the war searching. 

Some of them managed to receive grants for their relocation to the USA. But their complicated past and childhood experiences make it challenging for them to adapt to the new modern world. The director of the documentary project, Philippe Falardeau, featured those Sudanese refugees who were the child soldiers to play the roles in the film. Hence, giving them greater involvement in the project.


Street Newspapers

The Street Newspapers has been shot as a film rather than a documentary. Still, it highlights the certain reality of society in a well-instructive way. It revolves around education in centers bringing the poor and disadvantaged children from neighborhoods together. But, it also somehow pushed them to become part of criminal gangs. It seems practically impossible, but such educational systems do cover up such individuals. The docu-film features the true story of one teacher who didn’t give up on such children and motivated them to take their education seriously. 


China, the Asian Giant. Education, the Key to Progress

It talks about the education system of one of the most overcrowded nations in the world, China. The country makes an educational approach that focuses only on intellectual success. Though it sounds beneficial to the country, it generates extreme pressure on young students. The documentary film represents a great example in front of the world of how an educational system based on only intellectual power production becomes overly strict and rigid for the learning of the students. And, how it can significantly affect the students’ behavior. 



Students are getting smarter with the progressive years. They have not only become technically savvy but also are more accepting of changing educational environments.

With the growing capacity of students, educational institutions need a new framework that focuses on developing the individual perceptive and creative talents of the students.

In fact, they should stop putting all their efforts into competition and presenting theories that don’t belong to actual reality. This will help students to work collectively to resolve bigger challenges and difficulties of the current times. 

Producing documentary films for school-going students is a filmmaking technique that expands the zone of knowledge for the viewers. These films contribute in all three areas: continuing the cinematic tradition, entertaining the audience, and spreading awareness about critical realities.

In today’s times, educating students about important problems and unsurfaced matters is vital as ever. Students watching educational documentaries tend to gain more curiosity and a higher level of knowledge about happenings in the real world.

Also, educational documentary films aspire to surface some factors of truth that enhance schooling and teaching experiences for both students and teachers. They also hold historical records of impactful incidents. 

The inclusion of educational documentaries mentioned above and others as well represent the bright future of the 21st-century education system.


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