Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis (1946)


Zorba the Greek PDF Zorba the Greek is a Greek novel written by Nikos Kazantzakis. published in 1946. Novel was translate in English in 1952 in London. Alexis Zorba is the main character in the novel. Story was also adapted into a ...

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Z by Vassilis Vassilikos


Z by Vassilis Vassilikos The writer of this great novel is Vassilis Vassilikos, He is a Greek writer. He was born in  November 18, 1934. After graduating from LAW school he moved to Athens, He started his career as a journalist. He ...

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A Void (La Disparition) by Georges Perec


  A Void (La Disparition) by Georges Perec La Disparition is a French novel and written by the Goerges Perec. It was firstly published in 1969 in French language. Afterward it was published in English language in 1995. This novel ...

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Venus on the Half-Shell – Kilgore Trout


Venus on the Half-Shell – Kilgore Trout This is a science fiction novel by Philip José Farmer. Novel was published in year 1975. Published by Dell Publishing United States.Written language is English.Pages of this book is 122.Its a science fiction novel.This book ...

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The African Queen by CS Forester 1935


The African Queen PDF The African Queen is written by Cs Forester who was a master of suspense. It is a simile, pure and great story of adventures and passions. The novel is about the World War I, when Charlie and ...

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Afternoon Men by Anthony Powell


Afternoon Men PDF  The writer of this novel is Anthony Powell who was a best known novelist. This novel related to the unimportant experiences and model avocation of the communal set through William, with a delight in flipping falsification that ...

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