To the Lighthouse PDF Complete Virginia Woolf


To the Lighthouse PDF Complete Virginia Woolf The 5 May 1927 novel To the Lighthouse is published in English language written by Virginia Woolf. Its a Modernism novel, The Hogarth Press published this novel.  The novel take place  on two days. And novel is separated by ten years. ...

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The Trial PDF by Franz Kafka

the trial pdf

The Trial PDF – Download Free PDF Novel The original German title of this novel is Der Process. Written by famous German novelist Franz Kafka, Novel is published in 1925. Its one of the best work of writer. Its a Dystopian fiction and Absurdist fiction novel. First published ...

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Download Ficciones PDF – Jorge Luis Borges


Get Ficciones Novel In PDF Complete The most famous Spanish novel Ficciones Now you can download this novel in PDF format, And read online this is totally free novel. The pages of this novel is 203 and you can download it from The link given ...

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The Stranger Novel PDF by Albert Camus


The Stranger Novel PDF This novel is orignal in french language L’Étranger written by french writer Albert Camus. Novel was first published in french in 1942 by  Gallimard publisher and later translated in  1946 in English by Hamish Hamilton. Its a Philosophical novel. Novel is ...

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The Man Without Qualities – Download PDF Novel


The Man Without Qualities PDF Complete Novel The original title in German language is Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, And was published in 1930 to 1943. The publisher Rowohlt Verlag published this novel. Its actually Philosophical novel so the people who like these types of books may read. ...

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Lolita Novel by Vladimir Nabokov 1955


Lolita Novel PDF Download Free English novel Lolita is written by Vladimir Nabokov, Written in English and published in 1955 by famous publisher of this time Olympia Press. The novel become controversial because of it subject. “Lolita” is actually the nick name of Dolores. Story of a 12 ...

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In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust (1922–1931)


In Search of Lost Time PDF Book Complete Download The another translated book title is Remembrance of Things Past Its considered as the most prominent work of Marcel Proust and divided into seven volume all volumes are published during the time of 1871 to 1922. The ...

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The Idea of Order at Key West – PDF Poems

Wallace Stevens wrote this book and published in 1934, Its a collection of poems and some ideas about life. You thought what is Key West so its a Island located in a state of Florida. Some years before its a isolated island and much people know ...

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The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot – PDF Download


The T. S. Eliot Poetry Book Complete Download In PDF The one of the most famous poems book of 20th century is The Waste Land written by  T. S. Eliot. Published in December 1922 the book was not published in a proper shape its ...

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Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman


Download PDF Leaves of Grass The poetry book is a collection of poems published in July 4, 1855 by famous publisher of this time Self.  Its was the first Edition cover seen in the left side. The writer spend most of his ...

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