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Neuromancer Novel by William Gibson

The book Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1) by William Gibson is not an ordinary book, it reveal the story of new era. The writer is the first person who win the science fiction award namely” triple crown” .The author splendidly makes all the character of this book, this story basically based on computer hacker who will engage by a person to carry out the perfect hack. This hacking story attracts the reader a lot which increase the popularity of the novel.

A short summary of Neuromancer Novel by William Gibson

Neuromancer Novel by William Gibson

This story start in Japan (Chiba city) where an intelligent hacker Henry Dorsett Case was arrested for the robbery of his owner, his boss give him the punishment by damaging his nervous system using toxic medicines. In this situation Molly Millions and ex-military officer Armitage give him some medical help and deal with Case that they work with us. Armitage promise case if he done their work they release him. Armitage give first task to case that he has to steal the ROM, inside that ROM there is some important data for the gang “Panther Moderns” who attempt the terrorist attack. Wintermute (housed in a computer mainframe in Switzerland) including programming data with a need to merge with its other half, Neuromancer (whose physical mainframe is installed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Unable to this merger on its own, Wintermute asked Armitage to complete the goal. Case helps them to resolve their issues.

About the author of Neuromancer Novel

William Gibson is a deep thinker writer. Neuromancer is his first edition for the series of Sprawl trilogy including 271 pages and the media type of this book is Print (paperback and hardback) . The publication date is 1 July 1984 published by Ace.

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