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The Power PDF Novel And Review


The power is spirituality based self-help book authored by Rhonda Byrne. It was published in 2010 It is a follow-up to the book named as The Secret which was published in 2006. This increases an individual’s urge to move and get over negativity through positive thinking.

The word “Power” is previewed as love by the author.She advocated that in order to overcome obstacles we must start living things around us. She tries to teach the value of positive thinking and also advocates and use of the law of attraction. She describes how these principles can be used in everyday life to succeed.

The chapter “Keys to Power” She describes gratitude is key to gaining power and love towards surrounding. In every negative situation if we just change our thought from negative to positive the whole situation will eventually turn into our favor.
The Power” really goes deep into your mind while keeping the whole concepts simple and clear. It used a great number of examples to demonstrate the possible applications of
“THE POWER”. It also tells how important is to prioritize importance today over tomorrow as today is what shapes tomorrow.

Living in present and working for present actually helps you to work for future. It takes the whole burden off your shoulders and keeps you focused towards a positive, happy and successful life.

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