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The Fixer English Novel PDF Complete Download


The Fixer English Novel PDF Complete Download

The Fixer is a written by Bernard Malamud. This film is really superb and based on very amazing topic. This saga is published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux.1996 is the publishing date of this saga. This film got award after publication. National Book Award for Fiction and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction two awards got after the publication. The two awards show that the story is really amazing. The saga story is used for the making of film. The film is released as same named and got attraction of viewers. This film Nomination the biggest award of the Hollywood.

Yakov Bokis the main character of this saga. He belongs to the Jewish. He is handyman and fixer is another name of Yakov Bok. He living in the Kiev happily. He lives here without any paper. This paper is related some permission to living another country. Everything is going good and suddenly someone blame him. He was arrested as one murder case. During the Passover one boy is killed. he is a Christian boy. Someone killed him and blame on the for murder. Police beat him very badly and result he finally confess. He is not a religious man. He told police the all about himself told he is belonged to Jewish and not really closed to his religion. He feels really bed here he also disclosed the important and secret issues of politics. His father-in-law allow his guard go and talk him. He goes toward the jail and call him and talk him. During this case investigation Magistrate Bibikov also arrest by police and finally the he commits suicide.

The main issue is the Jewish. He is Jewish that why police arrest him. He is not only a one man how was in jail without doing any crime. Here is number of Jewish in the jails how all was they’re without committed any crime. This is really bed feeling he feels. he just wants to kill him and want to kill all how hate the Jew but he is unable to do anything. While living in the jail he treated here Badly. His heart is full of sorrow he has no one for the explanation of his heart condition.

He met first time with a lawyer. He talks him and he told him is innocent. He further told him he is not a killer of any living beings. Lawyer hear his all talk and told him he knows the all. Lawyer is sweet man and told him he was just here because he is a Jewish. if he is not here someone else here in the jail. Here is not issue who is here is issue Jewish. This situation is really killing for him. In the last of the novel he was just image hei standing in the court in front of judge and telling him a very impressive dialogue. this is amazing saga got the attraction of peoples specially the Jewish. Author describing. the whole characters’ science and emotions very skillfully, this one is just considered a piece of art.

Bernard Malamud

He was an American novelist and short story writer. His writing active period from 1940 to 1985. His father is Russian Jewish immigrants name Max Malamud. His some favorite novel The Assistant (1957), The Fixer (1966), The Natural (1952) and God’s Grace (1982).

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