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The Chosen PDF Full Novel Download

the-chosen-novelThe Chosen PDF Full Novel Download

The Chosen is a novel by Chaim Potok. 1967 is the publishing date of this saga. Simon & Schuster is the publisher of this English novel. He is followed by The Promise. This novel is again published in 1969. This is the story of two best friends and based on their lifestyle. The author writes this saga amazingly and got the attraction of other novelist and readers.

Reuven and Danny are the main heroes of this saga. They are school going guys and first time met during a match. The match between two schools Reuven represent one school and the Danny represent the other school. They soon become an enemy to each other. Once during a match, Danny badly hit the ball and the ball hit the Reuven glasses. The Reuven glasses break and he got a series injury. His eye really in bed condition. Danny here the all situation and go and met with the Reuven and say sorry. Soon they become best buddies.

The time comes when they go apart and their friendship become cool. Modern Israel formation they again met and becomes again friends. Reuven knows that the Danny wants to be a psychologist but his father wants he becomes like this. Finally, the time comes when Denny got a graduate degree and told his father he wants to be Psychosis and now he is the student of the university. He got admission Columbia University.

Reb Saunders is the father of Danny he wants his sons to fulfill his wishes. But on the other hand, Danny unable to fulfill his father wishes. His father really upset and feel pain during this all time. In that time, the Reuven act like a bridge between father and Danny. His father angry with him he just wants to tell him how the pain hurt the man. Reuven is really good friends and the time comes when they are present in one room and his father told him about his emotions. The room is full of emotions silence and tears.

Chaim Potok

He was an American Jewish author and rabbi. Born on February 17, 1929, and died on July 23, 2002, at age of 73. His best book is The Chosen published in 1967. He immigrants from Poland. He was oldest of four children. Some other novels are The Promise (1969), My Name Is Asher Lev (1972), The Book of Lights (1981) and The Gift of Asher Lev (1990).

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