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Main Street PDF Novel By Sinclair Lewis

main-street-novelMain Street PDF Novel By Sinclair Lewis

Main street is a  satirical novel written by Sinclair Lewis it was published in 1920. Written in English language and published by Harcourt, Brace and Howe. The hardcover book pages are 448.

Carol Milford is a liberal woman want to live freely and tension free life. Living in the Saint Paul, Minnesota is the capital of the state. She is a free-minded woman. She is intelligent girl with many dreams. Carol Kennicott is another character he is a artist, Novel start when Carol in college in Minneapolis. When she complete her degree she attend library job. After three years she meet with Dr. Will Kennicott in a party of her friend house. She tell Dr. Will Kennicott about his life style and daily routine.

Novel won the 1921 Pulitzer Prize for literature work after this its rejected by Board of Trustees, Then they decide to give this price to The Age of Innocence of Edith Wharton. The writer won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932.

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