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This Side of Paradise PDF by F. Scott Fitzgerald

this-side-of-paradiseThis Side of Paradise PDF by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Debut novel This Side of Paradise is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald published in March 26, March 26, 1920. By Scribner press, Pages of print book is 305. Cover artist of this novel is W. E. Hill. The title of this book is taken from title of Tiare Tahiti. The book tell the story of after World War I. When writer was 22 year old he broke up with a girl Zelda Sayre in 1919. A that time writer write a novel The “Romantic Egotist”. On September 4, 1919 Fitzgerald gave the manuscript to his friend Shane Leslie. Edited by  Charles Scribner’s Sons in New York. Book was rejected by many publishers. The book was written in three parts. Part one is “The Romantic Egotist” part two is The “Education of a Personage”.

Some major characters are Amory Blaine ( Protagonist of the book ), Beatrice Blaine , Isabelle Borgé (First Love of Fitzgerald), Monsignor Darcy, Rosalind Connage (second love of Amory Blaine) and Cecilia Connage.

When the book one open The Romantic Egotist start with the Amory Blaine mother and their exciting life with their child and travelling. He was sent to lived with their aunt in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His aunt sent him to boarding school. Amory arrives at Princeton and try to adjust in a new environment. In boding school he meet Kerry Holiday he is another fresh student there. In a very short time he develop a relation with Kerry and his brother, Burne, and they become friend. At his first night at school he feel good and excited and that made him fit. Kerry and Amory play pranks with other student in school. They also talking about woman which they know. They have a argument at Isabelle’s house.

Amory is not good in studies and he and he find a tutor. His father dies and her mother said him come back home to help her for some days.At the Christmas event Amory visits Monsignor Darcy and some places to enjoy. And ant the end of that year  Kerry Holiday let school and join french army and go to war.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography

He was born in 1896 to an Irish Catholic family, he got education in a elite schools of St. Paul, Minnesota. He is greatest American writers of the 20th century. Known for his Lost Generation in 1920. His two best novels are  The Great Gatsby, and Tender Is the Night.

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