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The Magnificent Ambersons Novel PDF Free

the-magnificent-ambersonsThe Magnificent Ambersons Novel PDF Free

The Magnificent Ambersons is best selling novel of Booth Tarkington, Published by Doubleday, Page in year 1918. Novel won Pulitzer Prize in 1919. Its was in the second number of Growth trilogy. Others are The Midlander, The Turmoil and retitled National Avenue (1927).

Novel is set in a largely fictionalized version of Indianapolis. And some part of novel is set in the neighborhood of Woodruff Place. Tell the growth of  United States about  three generations and about civil war. And early part of 20th century. Its the era of industrial tycoons rising their business and how businessman work and slave man. And how rich families rule. One of the richest family titular family is the most powerful family in the town. Story is move around this American family and town.


Jay Pilcher adapted novel in his film in 1925, Directed by David Smith. Stars are Cullen Landis,  Allan Forrest, Wallace MacDonald,  Charlotte Merriam, Ben Alexander,  Katheryn Adams,  Aggie Herring and William Irving. And The Campbell Playhouse present a radio adaption The Magnificent Ambersons on October 29, 1939.

Newton Booth Tarkington

He was an American novelist and dramatist. Known for his best novel The Magnificent Ambersons and Alice Adams. He won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel. Born in July 29, 1869 in Indiana, United States, and died in May 19, 1946 in Indiana, United States. He active in writing career from 1899 to 1946. He was the son of John S. Tarkington and Elizabeth Booth Tarkington. His uncle Newton Booth was a governor of California.

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