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A Princess of Mars PDF Edgar Rice Burroughs

a-princess-of-marsA Princess of Mars PDF Free Download

English novel A Princess of Mars is a science fiction novel written by famous writer. Its the first novel in his Barsoom series. Novel first published in serialize in All-Story Magazine in 1912. Its tell the story of 20th-century classic time. A  pulp fiction type book. set in Mars. The environment on this planet is desert.

John Carter is the main character in the novel. A earth man from Virginia. His is from mysterious background, Fight in American Civil War. Dejah Thoris is another character, She is  prince from Helium, She is under threat of life because she dis owner the law.

She is daughter of Mors Kajak, His brother is Lesser Helium. She is the granddaughter of Tardos Mors .Sola is the daughter of Tars Tarkas and a friend of John Carter. She is the teacher of Barsoomian language and history.

Writer start writing in summer of 1911 when his age is 35. During writing he was working for his brother in stationery shop. In starting he struggling himself as a businessman. His wife and two children support him. while this book he become a regular writer. He done each and every thing of the book, including chapter name and titles.

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