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Herland Novel PDF Free Download


Herland Novel PDF Free Download

Its a utopian novel written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Published in April 1979 by The Forerunner and publish in book format by Pantheon Books. Its describe the isolated society composed entirely of women. Novel first publish in serial in a magazine  The Forerunner.

The main characters of novel is Vandyck Jennings, Terry Nicholson and Jeff Margrave they want to improve their land. Vandyck Jennings is a sociologist she want to present female issues. Story take place in a Victorian era and views of American society about woman. Vandyck represent the scientific viewpoint, And Jeff is romantic and believe this woman are  idolized and kept on pedestals.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

She was a famous American feminist, sociologist and novelist.Born July 3, 1860 & Died August 17, 1935 – Her three best novel are “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Herland and Women and Economics. She had only one brother. She married with  artist Charles Walter Stetson in 1884.

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