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[Book Review] Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins

eagle-has-landedReview: Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins write this novel The Eagle Has Landed, And it was published in 8 September 1975. The novel was set during the time of world war 2. You can say its a war and Thriller Novel, published by Collins.  The pages of hardcover book is 352.

A many year old grave is found in an English graveyard. Tell that how to rescue of Hitler’s ally Benito Mussolini by Otto Skorzeny. The Hitler have a strong support of Himmler one of his  Admiral Wilhelm Canaris he is the head of Germany military intelligence.

He assigned the task that how to capture the British prime minister. Canaris known that Hitler will forget the matter but Himmler remembered. He some how afraid with Himmler, He order to his officer that Oberst Radl take control of study and don’t waste time and  afford.

The characters in this novel is developed and based on real charters. There are three part of book the first part and the third part is excellent and middle part is boring.  The story is about the Nazi Germans and a village. The story tell that how Nazi intelligence are active and how military officers are also don’t know their plans and secrets. The reader read about the German high command and the Nazi unofficial team. The novel is best for the people who like the war stories or world war. After the successful response of The Eagle Has Landed writer launched the sequel of this novel  called The Eagle Has Flown. And it was published in 1991.

About Jack Higgins

He is one of the best selling British novelist, known for his thrillers and espionage novels. Born in 27 July 1929 in Newcastle upon Tyne.  His novel is being translated into more then 55 languages. His 84 novel sold more then 150 million copies. His best selling novels are Sad Wind from the Sea, The Thousand Faces of Night, The Testament of Caspar Schultz, Pay the Devil, A Phoenix in the Blood and The Keys of Hell.

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