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[Book Review] Atonement Novel by Ian McEwan

[Book Review] Atonement Novel by Ian McEwan


The Atonement is published in 2001 and its written by Ian McEwan. The novel is set in three time period England in 1935, And two others are wartime England and France. Its a story of a upper-class girl and her mistake made in her childhood time. Novel was selected for  2001 Booker Prize for fiction and its one of the writer best work. The time magazine include novel in the 100 greatest English-language novels list.
The writer of this novel is Ian Mcewan, who was a screen writer and a novelist. It is a novel of war and love, set and infancy, justification and guilty, provides all the achievements of a bright account and the annoyance. In novel, 13 year old Briony , observes a minute flixtation between her older sister Cecilia, son of a servant Robbie and a friend of Cecilia. He incomplete clasp of young aims, together with her idolized literary gifts, bring about a offence that will change all their lives. The novel engages the readers on every Credible standard with a peace and permission that spot it as a genuine triumph.

A 13 year old girl is living in family’s country estate with her parents. And her older sister is studding in Cecilia University of Cambridge with her friend Robbie Turner He is the childhood friend of Cecilia. he is the son of Tallis family housekeeper.

Main Characters:

Briony Tallis: Younger sister of Leon and Cecilia Tallis She is also aspiring writer
Cecilia Tallis: The middle child in Tallis family and fell love with Robbie Turner.
Leon Tallis: Eldest child in the Tallis family
Emily Tallis: She is the mother of the girls.
Jack Tallis: The father of the family.

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