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Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education In Business and Life

Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education In Business and Life

think-like-a-chapionIt’s a powerful business book, Written by Donald J. Trump He defines how to get success in Business, There is 50 essay in the book some are for the business student who wants to start a business. The book is published in 2009 by publisher Vanguard Press. Donald J. Trump is a successful businessman over some years. He writes many bestselling books. Some ideas cover in the book are Keep the Big Picture in Mind, Essays, Assets, and Stephen King, Financial Literacy and Think Like a Genius.

Innovating: How someone become an innovator This part of the book tell you how to pay attention to your task and keep your mind in senses. Keep your mind engaged in your work and never divert your attention.

Being a Team Player: Always work in team work, We can solve many of our problems in teamwork, when you can work in the team there are many ideas in teamwork. Share ideas discuss ideas.

Giving Thanks: Always celebrate and thanks for some special days whether it a New year, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

Learning: Always try to learn new things and new ideas, discover new ideas when you want to find some new idea it gives you energy.

Thinking Like a Champion: Champions are born and champions are made Think like a boss and superior and made all design like a champion and when you make the decision an implement on it.

Thinking Like a Genius: Thinking Like a Genius is a brain power, How you use your brain power to reach to the way of success. Solve your problem with the reliable method.

ISBN13:  9781593155308

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