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Trump: How to Get Rich by Donald J. Trump

donald-trump-how-to-get-richTrump: How to Get Rich PDF Download

Donald J. Trump wrote this book after the success of his TV show and some best-selling books. Trump tell how to become a billionaire in this book. He was born in a wealthy builder family and continue his father business. The interesting thing about this book is that trump told his own story how he becomes rich and billionaire. How he gain net worth of $9.2 billion. trump is a Real estate titan and a successful businessman. One of the lessons in this book is The Apprentice its about his real estate empire and as head of an organization of Trump Organization. And he also tells how he told his children the value of money and hard work as a father. trump said that focus on hard work. Always get an Assistant who tells you what to do and when. and stay focus in your work. Be careful of finding clients and employee.

Some main ideas in this book is negotiate anything (2) hire, motivate, and fire employees (3) manage a business efficiently (4) impress the boss and get a raise (5) think big and live largely.

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 Trump: How to Get Rich PDF by Donald J. Trump

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