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Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

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English novel Sister Carrie is written by Theodore Dreiser published in 1900, and its pages is 557. Book was published by Doubleday, Page.Book was so controversial at the time of published many published refused to published including Harpers publisher. Theme of this book is sexual impropriety. William Heinemann published this book in English version in 1901. The selling record is best in England.Book is adapted in 1952 directed by  William Wyler.

This is the story of eighteen year old girl Caroline Meeber who move to a big city from a rural area. She moved there with her older sister  Minnie and her husband Sven Hanson. In the way she meet with Carrie a salesman he attract her because he have good manners and nice talking. Carrie soon find a work and now she pay rent to her sister for living. She get a job in  shoe factory. She surprised to see the manners of male and females working there. the factory is dirty no cleaning system. Some main characters are Caroline Meeber, Charles H. Drouet, Sven Hanson, Minnie Hanson, George W. Hurstwood, Jessica Hurstwood, Julia Hurstwood, Mr. and Mrs. Vance.

Theodore Dreiser

American author Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in August 27, 1871, He died of Heart failure in December 28, 1945. His father is a German immigrant. His some best fiction novels are The Titan, The Financier, Jennie Gerhardt and The Stoic.

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