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The Most Dangerous Game PDF By Richard Connell

The Most Dangerous Game pdfThe Most Dangerous Game PDF Complete Download

The book title “The Most Dangerous Game” is a book of Richard Connell, Its a English adventure fiction novel, Published in January 19, 1924 by Collier’s Press. The story is inspire by the  big-game hunting in Africa. Its the story of two notorious hunters against with each other. A Caribbean falls into the sea, The man of sea man is Sanger Rainsford and his friend is in the journey. He and his friend actually want to hunt the jaguar a big cat.

First they decide how to hunt and where to go for hunting. When he is hunting he here a gunshots and saw there is another ship. He find there two two Cossacks, The owner of the ship  General Zaroff and his servant Ivan. Zaroff are on that ship. General Zaroff tell him that he is now bored with hunting because its take too long time.

 The story is adapted in many times. One of the most famous film with original character “The Most Dangerous Game” presented by  RKO Pictures, This film was  released in 1932. The charcter of Rainsford performed by Joel McCrea. In 1956 United Artist release another film name  Run for the Sun, The actors in this films are Richard Widmark, Trevor Howard and Jane Greer. The book is also adapted in a radio play in 1940.

Some lines about Richard Connell

The real name of writer is Richard Edward Connell Jr, Born on October 17, 1893 and died on November 22, 1949. He was known as American author and journalist.His best considered work is The Most Dangerous Game. He was the most famous story writer of that time. His stories are published in The Saturday Evening Post. His four best novels are The Mad Lover (1927), Murder at Sea (1929), Playboy (1936) and What Ho! (1937). He was died at the age of  56. He was also nominated as an Academy Award.

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