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Gulliver’s Travels PDF

gullivers-travels-pdfGulliver’s Travels PDF

Gulliver’s Travels is a Satire and fantasy novel. The novel was first published on 28 October 1726 in Ireland by Benjamin Motte, The original title of this novel is “Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of several Ships”. The novel is written by Irish writer Jonathan Swift. The book becomes famous at the time of published.

An educated and trained surgeon Lemuel Gulliver is living at sea, He told his young age about education and marriage with Mrs. Mary Burton. The novel start when he is standing on an island called Lilliput. When he awoke he saw many peoples around him these island peoples are called Lilliputians. After living their several years he asked by police to leave the island immediately.  He went to Blefuscu and then sent to England. There he meets with his wife and child. In this country, people also called him Lilliputian and hate him. But he loved by his king and queen. One day he escapes in a boat but his boat drowns into the water.  Then he rescues by the English ship. He tells his story to the people but no one trust on him. Gulliver wants to leave this land as soon as possible and want to find some other place for living. One last time he wants to explore the world and leave his home once again. After a long time he returns home in England his family surprised to see him they thought he is dead. He buys two horses for a living and starts a new life there in England.

Some major places in this novel are Brobdingnag, Blefuscu, Mildendo, Lilliput, England, and Lagado. Gulliver First lives in Redriff, it’s a small town in England. Whenever he went to any adventure he must return back to England after completing his journey. He living there permanently. And some lines about Lilliput its the first land discovered by the Gulliver and it’s a strange land. After living there some years he forced to leave the land, Whereas Blefuscu is a neighboring island of Lilliput. The second land where Gulliver travel is Brobdingnag its the land of giants and the capital of this land is Lorbrugrud. His third journey is Laputa it’s a beautiful flying island.

 Jonathan Swift

He was an Anglo-Irish satirist and writer born in the Kingdom of Ireland on 30 November 1667 and died in the Kingdom of Ireland. His resting place is St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. His four notable work are A Tale of a Tub, Drapier’s Letters, Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal. He is the second child of Jonathan Swift And having one sister. He was a prolific writer. His first work is A Tale of a Tub. The theme of this novel is stylistic techniques.

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