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The Stranger Novel PDF by Albert Camus

the-stranger-novelThe Stranger Novel PDF

This novel is orignal in french language L’Étranger written by french writer Albert Camus. Novel was first published in french in 1942 by  Gallimard publisher and later translated in  1946 in English by Hamish Hamilton. Its a Philosophical novel. Novel is set in Algeria and the pages of this novel is 159.  The book first edition sell  4,400 copies and it was not got success in this time.

Story Summery

Meursault is the main character his mother died and he knows about the death by telegram. At the  funeral time of his mother he note that every one look happy and relax no one care about death, every one their drinking and eating talking smiling like every thing is normal there. Some days later he spend time with his Ex employee Marie they spend time with each other watching moves, traveling, having sexual relationship, After his mother funeral he help his neighbor Raymond Sintès. one of his girlfriend saw them and he fight with Meursault, He has a knife and Meursault kill him and go to jail, In part two Meursault is in prison, His life in prison is comfortable because of his business and value. In prison the investigator forced him to tell the truth about himself. When he waiting of his death sentence he meet with chaplain there.


Meursault : He is a  French Algerian his mother died, and he sent to jail of murder of his girlfriend brother. He is a truthful person.

Meursault’s Mother : She is living in an old homes. She is living in an old home for three years.

Marie Cardona: One of employee of Meursault, she is typist there. Meursault have affair with her.

Masson: A man who is the owner of the  beach house where Meursault and Marie come.

The novel is also adapted two times in film One is in 1967 “Lo Straniero ” its an Italian film and other is Yazgı 2001 a Turkish film.

Albert Camus:

A French philosopher and a writer best seller author Albert Camus was born on 7 November 1913 in  French Algeria. And died on 4 January 1960 in France. His mother was a Spanish descent and could’t here from her left ear. And his father is a poor agricultural worker. He got married in 1934. Some of his best novels are The Stranger, The Plague, The Fall and A Happy Death. And there best short stories are Exile and the Kingdom, The Silent Men and The Guest.

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