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The Man Without Qualities – Download PDF Novel

the-man-without-qualitiesThe Man Without Qualities PDF Complete Novel

The original title in German language is Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, And was published in 1930 to 1943. The publisher Rowohlt Verlag published this novel. Its actually Philosophical novel so the people who like these types of books may read. Novel is published in three volume. Robert Musil a famous writer wrote this book. The pages of this book is 1130. Set in the time of Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The writer was working on this novel for twenty years. When writer was died the novel was not completed. Pages of volume two is 605. The remaining novel is published by his wife. The novel is famous because writer duccess World War I and  Austrian society.

Short Review of Story

In the first book there is a story of Ulrich he is a 32 year old mathematician. He is actually working on the “Sense of life” But failed to find. He search about the moral values of society especially watch the world from his views. The writer actually cant describe the character of the Ulrich, Its difficult to describe. One another character is Moosbrugger he is know as murderer and rapist.  He murder a prostitute and condemned for his murder. The name of second book is Pseudoreality Prevails in this book the Ulrich change himself and join the “Collateral Campaign” which celibate the 70 years of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph’s reign. At this time in 1918 the a German Emperor name Wilhelm II rule in the country for 30 years. In this volume the writer show the Austria’s political and culture. Some people want to catch the  Ulrich including some relatives of Ulrich including Ermelinda Tuzzi , The name of last volume is Into the Millennium Its about the sister of Agathe, She is in the end of the novel.

Robert Musil

The Austrian best seller novelist Robert Musil was born on 6 November 1880 in Austria-Hungary, and died on 15 April 1942. His father Alfred Edler von is a engineer. He mostly write Literary fiction books. Some of his best novels are Die Schwärmer (1921)Vereinigungen (1911) and Über die Dummheit (1937).

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