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The Idea of Order at Key West – PDF Poems

Wallace Stevens wrote this book and published in 1934, Its a collection of poems and some ideas about life. You thought what is Key West so its a Island located in a state of Florida. Some years before its a isolated island and much people know about its. Because there is no population there and its alone island so after with passing years military post and rails tracks are built there so people came there for visits and see beauty. The total poems are eight.

Many poems of this book is written in five stanzas, Many poems of this book is philosophically complex. Poems are complex but you can easily understand. The idea of West is written in five verse.

Wallace Stevens

The American Modernist poet born on October 2, 1879 in Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S. , Educated from  Harvard and then New York Law School. A company where he spend mostly of his time in Hartford, Connecticut. In the year 1955 he won the  Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Some best poetry are Transport to Summer (1947), Parts of a World (1942), The Necessary Angel (1951) and Collected Poems (1954).

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