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The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot – PDF Download

the-waste-landThe T. S. Eliot Poetry Book Complete Download In PDF

The one of the most famous poems book of 20th century is The Waste Land written by  T. S. Eliot. Published in December 1922 the book was not published in a proper shape its published in parts. The most famous line in this book is “April is the cruellest month”. The poems tell the holy culture and the British society. The total pages of this book is 64.  The all strusture of this book is divided into five parts. The poems was first published in UK. In  2000 the book is converted in to Audio book by HarperAudio. The writer thought that his book name is “He do the Police in Different Voices” But then after he changed. Its a notable work for his disjointed structure and theme.

In the first chapter of book the writer tell about death. This part begin with this line “April is the cruellest month”. This poem is the most important and famous poem in this book you must read this poem. There are two major themes are in the poems. Other Parts are their sub themes. The first portion of book is discuss about modern society and specially the problems in World war one how people survive in world war one. We can not define this book in words just outstanding work. The story of the poems are taken from others books and ideas but writer write all poems himself. Some of the major source where writer take ideas are Virgil, John Webster, Hermann Hesse, Paul Verlaine,  Richard Wagner and  Bram Stoker.

T. S. Eliot Biography

The Thomas Stearns Eliot is a famous British publisher, playwright and essayist. He was born in 26 September 1888 In United States. At the age of 25 he moved to United Kingdom and also married there. His father Henry Ware Eliot is successful business man. When he was born his parents are both 44 years old. He had interest in literature in the time of childhood. He died of  emphysema in his home on  4 January 1965, His resting place is  Golders Green Crematorium. He won Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964 and Hanseatic Goethe Prize award in 1955.

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