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Shakespeare Sonnets – Poetry Book


Shakespeare’s Sonnets PDF Poetry Book Download

The book is written by all time best writer William Shakespeare, Its a collection of 154 sonnets. The book tell the love beauty and the first 126 chapters are about young man and lasts are about woman. The book is first published in 1609 by Thomas Thorpe. The main theme of this book is love which writer express himself. The first seven poems are called  procreation sonnets that a man urging to a woman that they marry and their love express by their next generation. Some other poems tell the love and loneliness and Death.

The mostly poems of this book is 4 lines stanzas and three quatrains. Some other style is also used in called Shakespearean sonnets. There are some sonnets which are above 15 lines. This book is republished many times. The book is based on the 300 year old traditions and highlight complex issue and make fun of love. You can also say its a modern love story.

Some Characters From The Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Fair Youth

Fair Youth you can say its a main character of the novel and first 126 poems are based on this. Tell the benefits of marriage and children. And some poems are tell the up and down relation in the life. The relationship of Dark Lady and the poet. 

The Dark Lady

The Dark Lady is another character discuss in many sonnets, show herself by the others and her sexual love. She called black lady because of her black hair and skin.

The Rival Poet

This character is mystery character or two others are  Christopher Marlowe and George Chapman.

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