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PDF Novel Watership Down by Richard Adams


PDF Novel Watership Down

The classic adventure novel Watership Down is written by Richard Adams. First published in November 1972 by Rex Collings Ltd located in London. Written in English language and pages of book is 413. Its a story of a group of rabbit living in a natural environment, Actually they spend their lives in their own way and culture.

Its become a successful novel. There are many others writer who use animals as her first characters. Its basically a Children’s Literature novel. Rex Collings is a small publishing press.  Its the first novel of the writer. Some major publishing companies are reduced to published it. Its adapted in a animation movie with same title. Its won Carnegie Medal and Guardian Prize and some other books awards. The Watership Down is a place at north of Hampshire where writer grew up and spend his childhood time. Story told by a Richard Adams to his daughter Juliet during a car journey and his daughter said that he must write this story in book.

A small group of rabbit including warren, Fiver and some other , He and his brother need a space and they convinced their chief but the chief refused, Then he an d his some friend they are totally eleven rabbits they find a new place to living. The leader of the group is Hazel they start traveling through dangerous territory.In the same way they meet a rabbit he ask him to join his warren. When a rabbit Bigwig is killed in a snare, so they realized that this snare is established by the farmers. Bigwig rescued by Fiver and they start journey again. Fiver find a safe and reliable place where they stay. The at last they find Watership Down this the ideal location for then where they lived tension free.

Character names

Hazel, Fiver,El-ahrairah,Rabscuttle, Bigwig, Blackberry,General Woundwort,Vervain, Holly, Bluebell, Strawberry,Captain Campion, Haystack, Buckthorn, Hawkbit, Dandelion, Kehaar, Silver, Pipkin, Prince Rainbow, Hyzenthlay, Blackavar.

Richard Adams:

Richard George Adams is a English novelist born in England in 1920, He is know for his work Watership Down, Shardik, The Plague Dogs and The Girl in a Swing. Educated from Horris Hill School and Bradfield College. He also worked in a British Army.He also served as a president of RSPCA. He also wrote a book for charity.

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