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Dan Brown Novel The Lost Symbol PDF

The-Lost-SymbolThe Lost Symbol Download PDF

The crime and thriller novel published on September 15, 2009. Published in the United States
and the United Kingdom. The Hardcover pages of this book are 528. It’s the number three book in the series Robert Langdon.  The novel is set in Washington, D.C. Novel become a best seller and more than 6.5 million copies sold all over the world. And 1.5 million copies are sold in the United Kingdom. The The New York Times said that “impossible to put down” this book. There are total 133 chapters in this book.



Story Short Summary

Peter Solomon is the head of Smithsonian Institution, There they invite  Robert Langdon to give a lecture there.  Solomon asks him to bring the there sealed package. Langdon knows that the invitation which he received is not sent by the Solomon because Solomon is murdered. Langdon the meet with  Trent Anderson he is the head of the police. and the  Inoue Sato is also with him he is the head of  CIA security team. Sato said that  Malak visible his threats that I need some security. They find some clue for examining Solomon’s hand which gone to Capitol’s sub-basement.


Robert Langdon: Harvard University University teacher of symbology main character.
Malak: Its second character and his body are covered with tattoos.His other name is Zachary Solomon and he is the son of peter.
He is arrested by police In turkey because of drugs possession.
Peter Solomon: Secretary of a billionaire philanthropist Smithsonian.Father of Zachary Solomon. He is also a close friend of Robert Langdon.
Nola Kaye: CIA analyst
Trent Anderson: Police chief
Trish Dunne: Katherine’s metasystems analyst.
Katherine Solomon: sister of Peter Solomon.

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