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The Bridges of Madison County – Download PDF

The-Bridges-of-Madison-CountyThe best selling novel The Bridges of Madison County PDF Available now you can download this novel from this website. This website is totally free, The short review of book is also given.

The Bridges of Madison County PDF

The bestselling novel The Bridges of Madison County is written by  Robert James Waller published in 1992. The famous publisher Warner Books, Inc published this 192 pages book. The novel tell the story of a Italian woman who married but living alone in 1960 in Madison County, Iowa. She loves with a with a National Geographic photographer living in Bellingham, Washington. He comes to Madison County to take some photos and there she saw him and fell in love.

Novel sold more then  50 million copies and its one of the best selling book of  20th century. Novel is also published in United Kingdom under the total of Love in Black and White. Sequel of this novel  A Thousand Country Roads is published in 2002. The sequel novel tells the story of two lovers who never meet after their affair.

The novel is a story of star-crossed lovers name is Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson. Robert is a intelligent boy from the time of his school. Robert want to lived alone and stay away from students. After passing college Robert father died and no other income source they have then Robert decide to join Army and take part in world war 2. Then he become a photographer’s assistant He learn many things from this photographer and become a successful photographer. He worked there four years then he move to New York City and become a fashion photographer. He build relation with beautiful model but the relation not go long, then he married with Marian. He make long time tour of other countries so his wife is not happy his wife leave him because of his long absence. When Robert reached at 52 one day he move to ruler state there he saw a woman and he fell in love with her.

Robert James Waller a successful writer write many bestselling books including The Bridges of Madison County This book considered his best book in 1993. He is also photographer and musician.His education institutes are  University of Northern Iowa and Kelley School of Business. He is also a teacher of  management and economics. In 1977 he become a professor.

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