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Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer – PDF

Kane-and-AbelThe novel Kane and Abel PDF is now available in PDF format. You can download this novel complete in PDF and read it on you mobile tab or laptop.

Kane and Abel PDF Format

The Jeffrey Archer write this novel Kane and Abel and published in 1979 by Hodder & Stoughton ,Its British publishing house founded in 1868 located in United Kingdom. The length of novel is 512 pages. Its story of  two Biblical brothers names Cain and Abel. It was published in United States on February 1980. The novel become success international and become number one in New York time best sellers. The sequel of this novel also release by this title  The Prodigal Daughter. 

The story of two brother who struggled for success in life. Full name of  Kane is William Lowell Kane he is rich and powerful man.And Abel Rosnovski is a poor man. Abel orignal name is Wladek Koskiewicz and migrate to United States. William become a successful banker by follow the rules of his father. His father Richard Kane is also a banker. His father died in  Titanic disaster when William is a child. He studied in  St. Paul’s School and he is an extra intelligent and sharp minded boy. His mother Anne married Henry Osborne his step father is interested in gambling and women. William didn’t like his father so he spend most of his time out side home or his best friend Mathew Lester’s home. William is a good banker and active man he dream that one day he become the CEO of the bank where he worked. When his mother died Kane though out his step father because of his nature.

Where as Wladek Koskiewicz is a poor man born in a poor family living in a forest.  He is also intelligent and his father ask him to move complain of his son. Wladek agree to move to the castle. After this world war one barren captured and Germany attacked Poland.Baron and his staff and his family is captured in his castle. Wladek the decide to move to Siberia From where he escape to Turkey. There he steel food because of huger for many days and Turks gives him punishment and decide ti cut his hand, But two diplomats help him and send him to Polish consulate. There he worked in hotel as a waiter for living his life. Also take night classes in Columbia University want to learn English. He worked hard there and the owner of the hotel is impresses by his work and appoint him as a manager. Abel worked day and night and convert the loss hotel in to profit. Abel then by this hotel and change the name of hotel Baron and create a successful chain.

Novel is adapted into a television. and its a best seller novel.

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