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Augustus Carp, Esq. By Himself Being


Augustus Carp, Esq., By Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man

Henry Howarth Bashford, physician and satirical novelist, is the writer of this novel. It is a sarcasm and really incognito novel. Its a comic masterpiece which demands to be much better known. The title character of the novel is a beast of self-unawareness and arrogance, but a comical one. The stronger portion of the novel contains ethical humor and occasionally and an inspired ideas. Author of the novel, has a good concept for this story and tried his best to realities. It is a story of father and son, the two carps are typical model of inanimate pretense.

The book is published in May 1924 in United Kingdom.

Sir Henry Howarth Bashford was a  English physician and writer. He was born in Kensington in 13 January 1880. He was also a Chief Medical Officer to the Post Office.

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