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Augustus Carp, Esq. By Himself Being


Augustus Carp, Esq., By Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man

Henry Howarth Bashford, physician and satirical novelist, is the writer of this novel. It is a sarcasm and really incognito novel. It’s a comic masterpiece which demands to be much better known. The title character of the novel is a beast of self-unawareness and arrogance, but a comical one. The stronger portion of the novel contains ethical humor and occasionally and inspired ideas. The author of the novel has a good concept for this story and tried his best to realities. It is a story of father and son, the two cars are a typical model of inanimate pretense.

The book is published in May 1924 in the United Kingdom.

Sir Henry Howarth Bashford was an  English physician and writer. He was born in Kensington on 13 January 1880. He was also a Chief Medical Officer to the Post Office.

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