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Arturo’s Island by Elsa Morante


Italian Novel Arturo’s Island PDF

The writer of this novel is Elsa Morante who was a Italian writer. This novel L’isola di Arturo, written in the first person, narrated by Arture Gerace, of his childhood memories on the island of Procida. His memories were fine, bright, complete and some times excruciating account of his youthful experiences and adventures. All the same, they known the young boy’s imaginations and fantasies, his love for his father and for his mother who he never knew, his faith in his abilities to live independently, and his complex and hard alteration from adolescence to young hood from a fantasy world to the real world. Novel was published in 1957 by Giulio Einaudi Editore. Written in Italian language.

The story of a small boy who lived with his father his mother died after birth of his. Father give the responsibility of his son to his servant Silvestro, teaches teach him every day how to read and write. Arturo doesn’t admit in the school so he have no friends in the town and he is not interest to meet any men in the village. He was lived in the very old house about 200 years ago where their family is living. This house was built for military hidden place further use for military barracks.  The last owner of this house is Amalfitano and he dislike to enter any women in the house.

In Italian Language the novel is known as Memoirs of a Boy(Memorie di un fanciullo). Writer is born in August 1912 in Rome. Her mother is a teacher and she starts writer when she was child she starts with poetry. Her husband Alberto Moravia is also a writer. By his husband reference she meet many other famous writers. Some of her novels are Menzogna e sortilegio (House of Liars), Lo scialle andaluso (The Andalusian Shawl), La storia (History) and Aracoeli.

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