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And Then There Were None PDF by Agatha Christie


And Then There Were None PDF

Agatha Christie , who was a poet, thriller, mysterious, short story writer and a novelist, ia a writer of this great novel. It’s a mysterious and full of suspense novel. The story is based on ten characters. They were a unusual variety of strangers assemble as a guests to a personal island off the coast of Devon. Their organizer, an aberrant millionaire, is unknown to all of them. All the guests have a same and common mischievous past and a confidential that will mark their fate. Each one has been marked for a murder. All of them killed after each other. Their death becomes a mystery for all other.

Its a mystery novel published in 6 November 1939 by Collins Crime Club. The original name of this book is “Ten Little Niggers“. Pages of this English novel is 272. Story of a group of people who came to lived in an island they all have different goals. Some are come to spend summer holiday some are come to meet their old friends. When the all guest are reached there their host is not found their. Some one is slowly murdering each guest. But they don’t discover the murderer. They all have a guilty secrets. You can confused to reading this because you know what to happened what they do. You don’t judge who is the killer at the end.I personally like this book and give five of five points to this book. I read this book four time but every time i feel that is a new story.

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