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Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Alexander_Hamilton_coverRon Chernow write this biography of Alexander Hamilton the man is known as Founding Father of the United States. His brith date is 3 November 1788 and died on 2 March 1789. He was also founder of Federalist Party and it world’s first voter-based political party. He launched a news paper name The New York Post. Born in British West Indies and died in United States. Ron Chernow is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author

His mother died of a fever, And he is next to birth after death of his mother he was adapted by his cousin who committed suicide. In the same year he face another Sorrow of his life his aunt, uncle and grandmother also died. Then he and his brother are alone in the world they have no one who help their. They are destitute and alone. Then he struggle day and night and become a successful business man and he continues his struggle and become a successful lawyer.

Before reading book take a look of cover you feel that the man is great man in the cover.

American writer and journalist Ron Chernow write this great biography. Also wrote many biographies including list of best sellers. Andrew Cayton said that Chernow is no ordinary writer. Like his popular biographies of John D. Rockefeller and Alexander Hamilton, his Washington while long, is vivid and well paced. If Chernow’s sense of historical context is sometimes superficial, his understanding of psychology is acute and his portraits of individuals memorable.[Source]

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