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Trump: The Art of the Deal By Donald Trump & Tony Schwartz


Trump: The Art of the Deal PDF

Donald J. Trump is known as Real Estate tycoons in New York, He is also owner of Atlantic City casino. His realty show is the most famous show which gave him success and fame The Apprentice. The other author of book is Tony Schwartz he writes many business books and some biographies.

The book consist the essential to his success of Donald Trump. It was Donald Trump’s first book which was published in 1989. The book covers the story of his real life how he spend time in young age some experience with his father old memories. Each book chapter add the property deal of his life including Hilton, Central Park South and Wollman Rink.

The book tell how to deal with people in business and become a successful man. Thump also tell about his failure. When the book was publish Trump Did’t think about the promotion of book. The one picture you can see in the middle of the book is trump standing with his father and inspecting the building when Trump was only twelve year old. This image show that the in trust in real estate and house from the child hood time.

This book is great for those who are in real estate business and who are lazy in their work. The ideas gave you energy of work. He is one of the better known businessmen in the world. Trump tell that always think big its take you to harder work. Deal with the work with your possession. Work on multiples ideal not chose only one path, because if you failed in one idea use another. You have many options to fail one option to take place in one side. Your life is a fun so with your business you can also enjoy your life.

Published date of book is 1 November 1987 by Warner Books. Book stay number one on  New York Times Best Seller list for 51 week. More then  1 million hardcover copies are sold.

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