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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (2011)

steve_jobs_book_coverSteve Jobs Biography Book PDF

This is a self-titled biography written on the life of Steve Jobs.  Walter Isaacson is former executive at CNN and TIME and Steve Jobs request him that he write his biography. Writer known for his best-selling biographies. The book is published in 24 October 2011 in United States by Simon & Schuster Press. Length of novel is 656 Pages. Book launched after 19 days of death of the Steve Jobs. The writer covers the interview of Steve Jobs.

Forty two chapters are in the book, The cover of this book is take from one of photographic portrait of Steve Jobs, Photo is commissioned by Fortune magazine in 2006. Albert Watson take this photo. Albert Watson said that before Steve Jobs came his studio the arraignment of studio take 3 hours. And when Steve came he said that “wow, you’re shooting film.” Watson give instruction to Steve to concentrate on camera while taking photo and focus on camera. The publisher Simon & Schuster select that name for book “iSteve: The Book of Jobs” but writer did’t agreed on this. In the Audio book version of the 150 plus chapters are listed. Each chapter has it sub-headings.

Book won “The New York Times bestseller” Award in 2011, and Christian Science Monitor Best Book award for nonfiction in 2011.



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