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American Gods by Neil Gaiman (19 June 2001)


Novel American Gods In PDF Format

This novel is written by Neil Gaiman who is a novelist, graphical and screen writer.It is a variegated trip deep into tale and over an American scenery at once eerily familiar and totally non-native. Its a little, simple and masterpiece. The novel is about the story of Shadow’s life. Before his reveal from prison, his wife dies in a mysterious and thrill road accident. He travels to America, learn about the Gods and about their wars and fight and recognize confidential and unseen America. There’s thrill encouragement that marketing conference which decided to fuse him with king. There’s also a hope, fun, enjoyment, feeling of wonder, fulfilling and improving experiences. Published date of novel is 19 June 2001 by William Morrow. Its a fantasy novel and pages of this book is 465. And publisher Headline published this book is United Kingdom. The audio version of this book is also released.

Novel Summery

Shadow Moon is the main character who is in the jail and during jail his wife died, In the jail a warden tell him that his wife is died. Name of his wife is Laura. When Shadow release from jail he moved to Indiana by plane. There in Indiana a man Mr. Wednesday who know that his wife is died he offered a job to Shadow. Shadow accept his job. He gave him a gold coin and tell him that through this coin in a grave. Next day Shadow and Wednesday go to a home and meet two man name Czernobog and Mister Nancy. they both came from America. They went to the trip and there they all arrested by police.

Main Characters:

Shadow Moon (Ex-convict And friend of  Mr. Wednesday)   ||   Laura Moon (Shadow Moon’s wife)         ||           Samantha Black Crow (Hitchhiking college student)       ||       Chad Mulligan (Chief of police)        ||               Mr. Wednesday  (Old Norse god)   ||   Czernobog  (The Slavic god)   ||   The Zorya Sisters (The Zorya Sisters)  Mr. Nancy (A trickster spider).

Titles In Different Languages 

Ameerika jumalad in Estonian, Zei Americani in Romanian, American Gods in Italian, Američtí bohové in Czech, Amerikai istenek in Hungarian, Ameriški bogovi in Slovenian, American Gods in German, 美國眾神  in Chinese, Американски богове in Bulgarian.

Actual name of writer is Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman and the pen name is “Neil Gaiman” he is known foe his short fiction work.

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