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All Quiet on the Western Front – PDF Download


All Quiet on the Western Front PDF Novel Download

All Quiet on the Western Front is a war novel set in the time of World War I wrote by Erich Maria Remarque. First published in Germany in the German language on 29 January 1929. And after the success of this novel, it was also published in the English language in 1929.The novel basically tells the story of a German soldier who are I great stress during the war and hope the life of citizens are affected by war. A German newspaper first published the novel in parts “Vossische Zeitung”. And the book was banned by the Nazi Germany on another hand the 2.5 million copies are sold and the novel is translated into 22 different languages.

Overview of Novel

Paul Bäumer is a German soldier and he joins the army for insisting of his school teacher.When he join the army the world war one started and he takes place in war.And all of his friends in his class are spread away.Paul Bäumer reached Western Front with some of his school friends name Leer, Müller, Kropp and some others. When they reached there they meet some other soldiers of the German army. One of these is old soldier name nicknamed Kat. The novel main theme is that the soldier comes back to their simple and normal life.Their life is disturbed by war and they have no time for their families their children and parents.

The writer of this novel is Erich Maria Remarque who was a pacifistic novelist. The novel is the proof and witness of Paul Baumer. He enrolled with his class fellow in German Army of World War I. Both friends become avid and eager soldiers. Their circle of duty, culture, society and results breaks int parts under the bombardment in the long narrow ditch. Through years of clear horror, Paul grasps fast to only a solemn promise. He fights against the hatred, aimless pits young men of the same generation but different dresses against each other. The novel was very powerful and dominant in its time. It was the idealism novel which contradicts the scrappy imagination of Europe in the war. It shows the physical and mental stress of a soldier in a war.

Pages: 296

Publisher: Propyläen Verlag

Four Main Characters

Paul Bäumer Is the main character He joins the German army at the teenage of 18.He fought on the Western Front and during the war, he feels stress and unhappy.When he was the student he is a sensitive man but after joining army his attitude is changed now he is a feeling less person.

Albert Kropp He is a class fellow of the Paul Bäumer in the school. He views are very clear, He and Bäumer spend some time together in the Catholic hospital. Bäumer legs and arm is injured in war.

Haie Westhus He is an older soldier in the army, he is strong and tall.But his age is same as Paul and he was also studying in his school.During the war, he injured his back.

Fredrich Müller, He is also a classmate of Paul Bäumer But his age 6 months more than Paul. He joins army without any pressure to go to war. He loves to study and that why he took all his books with him in war tell that education is must in every field of life.

Other characters are:

Tjaden (Bäumer Friend)Kantorek (Teacher of Paul)Peter LeerBertinck (intelligent soldier in Paul group)Himmelstob (A postman)Detering (A farmer)Josef Hamacher (A patient in Catholic hospital)Franz Kemmerich (A young boy)Joseph Behm (Paul class fellow).

The novel is adapted in a drama film directed by Lewis Milestone in 1930, This film won  Academy Award for Best Picture and stars in this film are George Abbott, Del Andrews, Maxwell Anderson.The book is also converted into audio by  Hachette Audio in 2010.

Erich Maria Remarque is the writer of this great war novel He was German novelist born on 22 May 1898 and died in Locarno, Switzerland at the age of 72. He wrote novels about wars.

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