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Ali and Nino by Kurban Said


Ali and Nino PDF

Its a love story novel a story of a Muslim boy fell in love with a  Christian Georgian girl living in  Baku. Novel is set in the time of 1920. Kurban Said wrote this novel and novel is translated in 30 different languages. Novel was first published in 1937 in  Vienna in German by famous press E.P. Tal Verlag. A boy fell in love with the Georgian princess. Novel is based on the two religious Islam and Christianity. Novel is set in the old city Baku, And its first published in German language. Ali Khan Shirvanshir is the name of the boy who is studing in the Russian high school for boys.

Ali and Nino Summery

His father is a Asian and Ali don’t like western culture and the princess Nino Kipiani is a Christian and raised in a Christian tradition. Ali ask her to marry but she hesitates. She said Ali that she lived her own style after marrage and do not follow the Muslim rules like veil. Ali father try to support their marriage but he is no so happy. Ali Armenian friend Melik Nachararyan kidnap Nino. After this Nino find Ali in the small town in a poverty life.

The writer of the novel ” Ali and and Nino ” is Kurban Said. It is a simple and pure story of romance and adventure has been compared to Dr. Zhirago and Romeo and Juliet. Its thrill and mysterious author was the topic of a factor, item  and article in the New York, which has inspired a forthcoming biography. This novel has an attractive story and strong image of the exotic desert landscape as it is of the emotions between two people separated by culture, religion and war. Its a sad love story set in Russian ruled Cancasia and Persia at World War I. The young leading character of a story is reflect the troubles of East and West in times of joy and loss, and express that the love can rise above system of ideas and centuries-old dislikes.

Translated into Different languages:

These are some language in which novel is translated  Arabic (1970, 2002, 2003, 2010), Chinese (2010), Czech (1939, 2006),  Canada (1972), United Kingdom (1990), United States (1990), Finnish (1972 and 2000), Georgian (2002 and 2004), Greek (2002), Hebrew (2001), Indonesian (2004), Korean (2005), Serbian (2003).

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