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The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (1905)


The Gift of the Magi PDF

It’s not a Novel it’s a short story written by O. Henry.The story covers the life of young couples who facing some real problems of their life.They want to buy Christmas gifts for each other in a ver little amount they have.This is moral story tell that how people sharing gifts and the value of gifts in many occasion.

This short story was first published on 10 December 1905 in a famous newspaper of New York Name ” The New York Sunday World” with this title “Gifts of the Magi”. After published story is published in a book format in April 1906 with the title “The Gift of the Magi .

Overview of Novel:

The names of husband and wife are Mr. James Dillingham Young and his wife called him “Jim”.And his wife name is Della they living a small flat. They both have different qualities which attracted people’s Della long and beautiful hair which touch her knees.And Jim shiny gold watch.Della decides that on Christmas Eve she gave a gift to his husband Jim but she has very less amount only $1.87. She is very upset and at last, she decides to sell her hair to barber name “Madame Sofronie”.

She sells her hair and gets $20 and she bought a beautiful watch for her husband for the price $21. The Della prepaid lunch for Jim and Jim came and Della show him a watch she bought, But Jim unhappy when he hired that Della sells Her hair Because he bought some hair accessories for her.But now her hair is too short so she these set of combs is useless for her.But they love each other.


Novel is adapted into a film in 1909 by this name “The Sacrifice” other adaptions are The Gift of the Magi (1917),  Love’s Surprises Are Futile (1916), Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (1978),  The Gift of the Magi (1958),  The Gift of Love (1978), USSR, 1978), O. Henry’s Full House (1952), The Gift of the Magi (2004).

William Sydney Porter

William Sydney Porter short name is O. Henry is born on 11 September 1862 and died on 5 June 1910.He was a famous American short story writer.His birth place is Greensboro, North Carolina, In 1898 He changes the spelling of his name Sydney.His father is a physician name “Dr. Algernon Sidney Porter”. He moved to Texas with his father in March 1882.

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