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Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (1817)

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Northanger Abbey novel was written by Jane Austen before the release of Sense and Sensibility. The book is an early parody of the Gothic fiction. In it Austen defies the conventional 8th Century novel writing styles by making book’s heroine an undistinguished and plain girl from a middle-class family. While allowing her to fall in love with the hero, even before he has any thought of her. Austen is exposing hidden romantic fears and curiosities of the heroine. The interesting thing about novel is that at several places Austen is addressing the reader directly.

Northanger Abbey Complete Novel

At the end of she gives an opinion about the value of novels, also the new social prejudice opposing them. while favoring the drier historical works and newspapers. In the novel Catherine Morland is the main character who realizes that she should not rely upon others. especially those who influence her negatively such as Isabella, against becoming single minded and independent. Through the bitter experiences about life Catherine‘s understanding of herself, her needs and her life begin to mature as she grow up.
The novel mainly deals with the tedium and intricacies of the high society in terms of partner selection. The book describes the conflicts between marriage for property and marriage for love. It highlights dangers of living in life of fiction and dreams, as in reality life does not compliment any fiction story. Therefore one may find novel’s young character evolving into skeptical adulthood while losing its innocence, imagination and good faith. The novel also stresses that things can take any turn when life moves on and therefore our first judgment about the situation can be proved wrong easily.


Catherine Morland: She is seventeen year old girl and she love reading Gothic novels.She thought that she is heroine in a Gothic novel
James Morland: He is Catherine elder brother.His role is in the beggining of the novel.
Henry Tilney: He is younger son of the wealthy Tilney family.
Frederick Tilney: Henry’s older brother he is very handsome and fashionable.He is an army officer.

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