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Emma Novel by Jane Austen (1815)

Emma PDF Novel 


Emma Novel is a novel by Jane Austen, published in December 1815. It is the last novel by Jane Austen that was published during her life. The novel has been adapted into at least three Hollywood movies and it has also inspired many television programs and scripts. The story of the novel revolves around a girl named Emma Woodhouse. The author presents the concerns and difficulties faced by the genteel women Emma who lives in Georgian-Regency England. Austen has successfully created a lively comedy regarding manners among the novel characters.


Emma Novel A Short Review

The character of Emma Woodhouse has no financial concerns or needs. She is already rich and living a lavish life. The unique thing about her character is that she is the only female character by the author, which is not craving for money and marriage. Emma is a kind of spoiled girl who is silly and a bit spoiled. She initially is convinced with the idea that she can find the perfect match for her best friend, Harriet Smith.

She believes she can help people find a right spouse and are determined to do that until he fails in finding Harriet a man who actually adores her.
Later Emma falls in love with a handsome man with enchanting looks, named Frank Churchill. They both share moments of soft romance and understanding. But in the end, all attempts by Emma to win Churchill fail. They both are unable to extend their loving relation into deep love.But the bumps and bruises faced by Emma, keep on molding her into appreciative, gracious, and a loving woman, that she was meant to be.

Major Characters:

George Knightley: neighbor of Emma and her close friend.His age is 37.He is the owner of the owner of the estate of Donwell Abbey.
Mr. Frank Churchill: He is a son of Mr. Weston from his first wife.His age is 23.
Harriet Smith: He is seventeen-year-old young boy and friend of Emma.
Philip Elton: He is a good looking man 27 years old and well mannered.
John Knightley: He is Isabella’s husband and George’s younger brother.


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