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Angels & Demons (novel) – May 2000

Angels & Demons Free PDF (616 Pages)

Angels-and-Demons-PDFAngels & Demons novel is a bestselling mystery-thriller book authored by American writer Dan Brown. It was published in year 2000 by Corgi Books and also by Pocket Books. A film adaptation of Angels and Demons was released by Hollywood under the same name.
The novel story starts by introducing character of Robert Langdon. This character can also be found in other books by author such as The Da Vinci Code (2003), The Lost Symbol (2009) and Inferno (2013).

Angels & Demons shares a lot of literary elements with other novels of its sequel. Like a single day time frame, conspiracies plotted by secret societies and Catholic Church. Also throughout the book ancient history, symbolism and architecture play a significant role in creating the overall setting of the novel.

Angels & Demons Review

Although Da Vinci code and Demons and angle can be co-related with each other due to alot similarity, yet the two books are different in setting, focus and threat. The Da Vinci Code talks about ancient speculations regarding the Holy Grail, while Angels and Demons is more of a standard thriller fare. The novel story puts science and religion in conflict with each other by reviving the concept of Illuminati; is a secret society that consists of free thinkers and scientists whose link with the Catholic Church is suspicious and deep.

Angels & Demons pdf

According to Brown their relationship has always been intimate, tangled, and filled with mystery, due to which it is impossible to fully know details of their links. Eventually Illuminati turn into a great threat against church after the event of selecting a new pontiff takes place. Later in the book the Illuminati steels a rare sample of some antimatter and hide it in the Vatican at an undefined place. The matter is highly explosive if a protective magnetic field shuts down in 24 hours. Also the Illuminati kidnap the four candidates for the papacy as a result Robert Langdon is assigned mission to resolve the great puzzle.

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