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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens PDF


Oliver Twist is the second book authored by Charles Dickens. He has created several brilliant pieces of literature. He has also documented social history for a significant time period. In his work, he had been exploring troubling issues regarding treatment of orphans, child labor and child recruitment and exposure into the criminal world. Oliver Twist is his one such attempt of exploring social criticism.

This tale Dickens’s about childhood innocence exploited by evil depicts the underworld criminal life of London. It presents vivid and memorable characters such as villain Fagin, the menacing Bill Sikes the artful Dodger, and the prostitute Nancy. It also combines elements of the Newgate novels, Gothic Romance, and popular melodrama. It created a new kind of fiction, pervaded by a sense of mystery and horror while being critical of the cruel society.


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The story is about an orphan named Oliver Twist and is set in the 19th Century. In the story, Oliver has to endure intense events in a poverty-stricken society, where crime and malice flourish. He starts his life at a workhouse which is later sold into apprenticeship along with an undertaker. Here Oliver is treated poorly along with his fellow orphans. So he leaves the warehouse and escapes to London.

There instead of finding a better life he ends up meeting Artful Dodger who is a member of pickpocket gang which is led by criminal named Fagin. Soon Oliver comes to know about wicked nature of Fagin and his evil ways of living. Now Oliver is compelled to once again escape this life in the search of true happiness.

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