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Five Best Book Publishers In Canada

Five Best Book Publishers In Canada

More then ten thousand books are published every year. Publishing companies are totally on risk when they published book. There are many new writers who want to published their books but they don’t know the right way to published the book.

Finding a best publisher is the great challenge for the writer.there are few literary agents in Canada in past so mostly writer are chose self-representation for publishing. Or they found literary representation from other countries. After a long Hard work when writer wrote his first novel he then want to published it.many publisher some employee so they are not able to read your manuscripts on spec. The writer prepare for these changes first time and take advantages.

These are five best book  publishers in canada

#1 Key Porter Books


Canadian book publishing company.Company is founded in 1979. Anna Porter a famous publisher founded this company. Headquarter is located in Toronto Canada.Company is known for specializing for its non-fiction publishing. And also published some fiction books. In 2004 a Canadian publisher H.B. Fenn buy controlling share of the company. Some famous author who published their books in company are Joan Barfoot, Diane Francis, Pamela Wallin,  Conrad Black, Claire Mowat, Cleo Paskal and Paul Cellucci.



#2 Cormorant Books


Its a Canadian book publishing company.Founded by Jan and Gary Geddes in 1986. Headquarter is located in Toronto, Canada. Now publisher of this company is Marc Côté. Mostly published fiction books.Its a award-winning small press,Starting by a couple.Actually this company is launched for new writers who had no source of publishing of book. In 1990 company published novel Lives of the Saints written by  Nino Ricci and it become best selling novel of the year And its won the Governor General’s Award for English-language fiction. Some famous writer who published books in cormorant are Carol Bishop-Gwyn, Sally Gibson, Mary Soderstrom, Susan Swan, Lola Lemire Tostevin, Sky Gilbert, Neil Bissoondath, David Miller, Goldie Morgentaler,Peter Oliva, Tess Fragoulis, George Jonas, M. Travis Lane, Tim Lilburn.

Website : www.cormorantbooks.com


#3 McClelland & Stewart Limited


Founded in 1906 by John McClelland and Frederick Goodchild in Canada. Its a famous Canadian books publisher. Now its own by Random House of Canada or branch of random house. The founder of company is employee in Methodist Book Room. Jack McClelland is the head of the company since 1950s.

Website : www.mcclelland.com    |  Wikipedia information


#4 Tightrope Books


Its a Canadian independent book publisher located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2005 by Halli Villegas. Company mostly published poetry and fiction and non-fiction books. Tightrope Books was purchased by Jim Nason in 2014. Now its represented IPG Independent Publisher group.

Website : www.tightropebooks.com     |     Wikipedia


#5 ECW Press


Its a North American small press book publisher located in  Toronto, Ontario. Founded in Jack David and Robert Lecker in 1974. Its mostly published in true crime, popular science, humour, non-fiction and professional wrestling. ECW books won Governor General’s Literary Award, Archibald Lampman Award for poetry and  Arthur Ellis Award. Best books are Tony Burgess, Joey Comeau, Brian Francis, Derek McCormack, and non fiction books are Paul Labonte, Neil Peart.

Website : www.ecwpress.com      |    Wikipedia


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