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Learn Chinese Language Guide Book

Learn Chinese Language

Chinese is a famous language more then 1.2 billion people are speak this Language allover the world.Mostly spoken in SingaporeChinaTaiwan. And its official language in Hong Kong and Macau.16% people are spoken this language. Chines characters are known as logograms. China is one of the world’s oldest language over 5000 years old.


The grammar of chines language is uncomplicated like many others languages German, French and English. The basic order of chines language is subject — verb — object same as English language. Mostly business people hire their employee who know chines language because china is basic business hub of the world. Many universities are now offer chines language training. Teach in China is major program offered by the International Education Exchange. In year 2010 more then 750,000 around all the word took the Official Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

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