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The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

Short Review of “The Tell-Tale Heart”

The Tell-Tale Heart is written by Edgar Allan Poe. It is a short story published in 1843. In the book, an anonymous narrator is telling a tale. He skillfully convinces the reader of his sanity by describing a murder committed by him. His victim was an elderly man with a typical filmy “vulture-eye”. His murder was carefully planned, and his decade body was hidden under the floorboards after dismembering it.


The guilt inside the heart of narrator later turns into the hallucinatory experience in which he hears old man’s heart beating below the floorboards.
One night the narrator’s hand loses its balance during his nightly ritual and makes a noise. The saint gathers his strength and decides to open the lantern. As he opens it a thin ray of light shines out and falls precisely on the evil eye.

This is when the saint finds his eyes open and soon after he starts hearing the voice of old man’s heart beat. The sound eventually becomes louder and terrifying.On hearing this narrator decides to jump and strike out with a loud yell and smothers the dead man. The narrator then tears apart the body and hides the pieces under floorboards.

He makes sure to wipe all the possible signs of crime. Meanwhile, neighbors hear old man’s screams and report to the police. Soon three officers arrive to look around the suspected house. But the narrator claims that the screams were his own after he had a nightmare. He skillfully and calmly convinces the police of nothing suspicious and soon he himself starts hearing old man’s heart beat. This terrifying experience made saint to confess his crime in front of police. They arrest him and recover the body of an old man.

Edgar Allan Poe


Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was an American editor, writer, and a literary critic. He is famous for his poetry and short stories. Edge is widely regarded as an important figure of Romanticism in U.S. He was acknowledged among country’s earliest professional authors of short stories.

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