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Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Les Miserables PDF Download Free by Victor Hugo

Les-Misérables-CoverLes Miserables is a novel written in the French language by Victor Hugo. It is an old novel published in 1862, which has not lost its popularity even now. It is considered one of the best novels of 19th Century. The book presents the era between 1815 1832.The story revolves around an ex-convict called Jean Valjean who served 19 years in prison for stealing a loft of bread along with charges of attempts of fleeing from prison several times.
When Valjean is out of prison he finds everyone shutting doors at him due to his past crime. However, one kindly bishop; M.Myriel gives him shelter even gave him cover from police after he stole a silverware. This kindness changed his life forever and he made a promise to be an honest man. He then changes his identity under the name Madeleine in order to abide from the past reputation and invents an ingenious factory that brings prosperity to the town and later he is entitled as a mayor.


Les Miserables French Novel PDF Free Download

The story then takes a shift towards a life of a young woman named Fantine who gets pregnant and abandoned by an unfaithful wealthy man. She later gives birth to an illegitimate girl and if forced to keep her past hidden due to social constraints. But the secret of having an illegitimate child don’t remain hidden for long and eventually, her hometown shut its doors. The rest of the novel talks about the miseries of the life of Fantine and how she dies due to the cruel and unforgiving attitude of the people around her. Meanwhile, Javert who is police chief learns about the identity of Madeleine. Eventually, Madeleine has to confess about his true identity in front of Javert and Fantine. After which Fantine dies while longing for her missing daughter.
Madeleine later escapes from prison again and buy Cosette out of the hands of a family of Thénardiers. Cosette becomes his adopted child who grows into a beautiful lady but Valjean proves to be a conservative father with no respect for her love life. Near death, Valjean apologizes for his mistakes and dies in peace while Cosette is on his bedside.


Victor Marie Hugo

About “Victor Hugo”
Victor Marie Hugo was a French author, poet, and novelist. He is one of the best ever know French writes. Novels such as Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris are his globally acknowledged books.


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