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Death at the President’s Lodging by Michael Innes


Death at the President’s Lodging by Michael Innes

Death at the President’s Lodging was written by the famous author Michael Innes. This novel was originally published in 1937. It was the crime novel and total length of this novel was 256 pages. It was written in the English language.

Death at the President’s Lodging is a first detective novel written by Michael Innes.The story started when the murdered occurs. It’s an academic mystery Novel.

Michael Innes was a Lecturer and Professor of English.He was born in 1906 in Edinburgh Scotland.He has many literary criticisms and contemporary novels.His famous novels are Inspector Appleby. Death at the President’s Lodging is the debut of Appleby. The story of the novel is puzzle was excellent. Inspector John Appleby investigates the murder of unpopular Josiah Umpleby of St. Anthony’s College.This crime is most difficult and challenging crime of his life.

About “Michael Innes”

John Innes Mackintosh Stewart was a Scottish novelist. His pen name is Michael Innes. He was born on 30 September 1906 in Edinburgh. He was a Professor of English. He writes more than 45 crime novels and stories.


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