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Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas PynchonGravity’s Rainbow


Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

Gravity’s Rainbow is written by the American author Thomas Pynchon. It was published in 28 February 1973. This novel includes 760 pages. The main characters of this novel are Tyrone Slothrop, Roger Mexico,Pirate Prentice, Kevin Spectro,Teddy Bloat and Pig Bodine. Publisher are Viking Press, Bantam Books and Penguin Books. Novel is set when the world war two is end. Its a complex story.In this novel a German military rocket V-2 rockets is discuss in the rocket. Rocket is install with the secret serial number “00000”. Novel discuss the gap of high and low culture.

There are four parts of novel first is “Beyond the Zero” second is “Un Perm’ au Casino Hermann Goering” third is “In the Zone” and the last one is “The Counterforce“. The major character of the novel when novel is start is Pirate Prentice he is an employee of Special Operations Executive. Novel won the  National Book Award for Fiction award in 1974 in United States. And also won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in same year.

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