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Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake (1946)

Titus Groan PDF (OCLL 2951128)

Titus-GroanTitus Groan is a Gothic English novel written by Mervyn Peake. Cover artist of this book is Mervyn Peake. Eyre & Spottiswoode published this book in 1946. Pages of book are 438.The novel was set in the castle of Gormenghast.

The story set in the old mountain castle of Gormenghast mountain covered with the landscape of crumbling towers. There a family lived name Groan family for many years ago.The head of this family is Lord Sepulchrave. He is an unhappy type man always like to live in his library reading books.His duties in the family is Earl. And his wife is Countess Gertrude a fat woman with his dark red here she likes to spend most of his time in her bedroom with birds and cats.They have a 15-year-old daughter named Fuchsia Groan.when the story is started an agent is charged.name of the first agent is  Titus Groan and other is Lord Sepulchrave.

In 1984 BCC filmed 90 min play based on this novel.The novel is also adapted for a stage.


Rottcodd: He is the curator of the Hall.He spends miserable life in the castle.
Springers: He is the kitchen boy
Rental and Brain: He is the lover of Kedah.
Grey Scrubbers: He is servant and his duty is to clean kitchen
Pentecost: He is the outsider man but he worked as a member of the castle.
The Poet: He is the poet known as his professional name.

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